Accepted Papers

GreenCourier: Carbon-Aware Scheduling for Serverless Functions

Mohak Chadha, Thandayuthapani Subramanian, Eishi Arima, Michael Gerndt, Martin Schulz, Osama Abboud

Scaling a Variant Calling Genomics Pipeline with FaaS

Aitor Arjona, Arnau Gabriel-Atienza, Sara Lanuza-Orna, Xavier Roca-Canals, Ayman Bourramouss, Tyler K. Chafin, Lucio Marcello, Paolo Ribeca, Pedro Garcia-Lopez

ProFaaStinate: Delaying Serverless Function Calls to Optimize Platform Performance

Trever Schirmer, Valentin Carl, Tobias Pfandzelter, David Bermbach

X86 vs. ARM: An Investigation of Factors Influencing Serverless Performance

Xinghan Chen, Robert Cordingly, Ling-Hong Hung, Wes Lloyd

Efficiently Detecting Performance Changes in FaaS Application Releases

Martin Grambow, Tim Dockenfu├č, Trever Schirmer, Nils Japke, David Bermbach

On Serving Image Classification Models

Aurora González Vidal, Alexander Isenko, K. R. Jayaram

Nubes: Object-Oriented Programming for Stateful Serverless Functions

Kinga Anna Marek, Luca De Martini, Alessandro Margara