Unveiling Future Serverless Technologies

Third International Workshop on Serverless Computing Experience 2024

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Serverless Computing

is becoming mainstream in Cloud Computing environments.

Over the last nine years, Serverless Computing (Serverless) has gained an enthusiastic following in industry as a compelling paradigm for the deployment of cloud applications, and is enabled by the recent shift of enterprise application architectures to containers and microservices. Many of the major cloud vendors have released serverless platforms, including Amazon Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Microsoft Azure Functions, IBM Cloud Functions. Open source projects are gaining popularity in providing serverless computing as a service.

Serverless on the cloud is a somewhat mature research area with many conferences accepting papers on this topic.

In the spirit of having this workshop serve as a venue for future and exploratory research directions, we will be evolving the workshop to include hybrid cloud environments, as well as edge and IoT devices. These next-gen computing architectures are becoming more common but have little support from serverless platforms and bring new challenges to old concerns such as resource optimization, scaling, cost, monitoring, and ease of use. The serverless experience becomes an important topic for emerging topics such as DevOps and Platform Engineering in industry and will be critical to the success of next-gen computing.

WOSCx want to become an open online forum for discussing the future of Serverless technologies.

Building on the recent advances in generative AI, including Large Language Models (LLMs) and other types of Foundations Models (FMs), we are looking for submission that explore the use of hybrid serverless platforms to fine-tune, serve, and manage the lifecycle of LLMs with a focus on aspects such as use cases, resource allocations, optimizations, and using AI to improve serverless experience.

Workshop registration

Workshop is free to register and to participate.

Submit your email and we will send you back links to join the workshop.

Our panel of serverless experts will openly discuss the presented topics and provide interesting insights in these topics. We will combine Academia and Industry to provide new insights in this exciting topic.

Presentations and Submissions

Authors are invited to submit short presentations related to serverless computing.

These submissions will not appear in any proceedings, so you are welcome to submit work that has already been published, or early work that you would like feedback on.

The submission should include presentation slides and a video.

The slides should be in PDF format and be at most 5 slides. The video should be at most 5 minutes and be hosted on YouTube.

Submissions should indicate if they plan to have a demo after their talk (to not take longer than 5 min).

If your submission is accepted, you can submit a newer video, up to 5 minutes. The accepted presentations will be made available from the workshop website and the recording of the workshop will be published on YouTube.

For lightning talks tracks send one slide in PDF format - and max 2min lightning link to youtube video recording.

We may have an open mic afterwards for discussion and panel.

Important dates
  • Paper Submission: May 29, 2024

  • Notification of Acceptance: June 6, 2024

  • Workshop date: June 19, 3pm in Zurich, Europe (9am East Coast, USA)


Workshop co-chairs
  • Paul Castro, IBM Research
  • Pedro García López, University Rovira i Virgili
  • Vatche Ishakian, IBM Research
  • Vinod Muthusamy, IBM Research
  • Aleksander Slominski, IBM Research

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